Myths Regarding Root Canals

A root canal is an invasive procedure that addresses severe tooth infections. If other dental procedures like a deep cleaning are unable to address tooth decay and inflammation, your dentist will perform a root canal to try and save your tooth. However, many people have misgivings about this procedure due to myths they hear in the media or from their friends and family. Here are some common myths regarding root canals. [Read More]

Don't Believe Dental Implant Myths

There are so many myths out there about dental implants that when you are looking for information, it's important for you to make sure you aren't paying attention to the wrong things. Here are some of the myths you are going to want to be aware of when it comes to implants:  Myth: Dental implants don't last you for very long Some people are under the misconception that dental implants don't last all that long. [Read More]

Internal Tooth Bleaching After A Root Canal: Why It Can Be Necessary

Tooth discoloration can be an issue after root canal treatment. Without an active blood supply, the tooth's dentin (which forms the majority of a tooth's overall structure) can take on a gray-colored hue. The enamel, which covers this dentin, is somewhat translucent, so it begins to similarly change color, with unappealing results. While a root canal can save a tooth, does it mean the saved tooth has to be gray? [Read More]

What To Expect During Dental Implant Surgery

If you're self-conscious about a missing tooth, then you might have made the decision to talk to your dentist about dental implant surgery. Now, you might be looking forward to getting a dental implant so that you can feel good about your smile again, but you might be feeling a bit nervous about the upcoming surgery, too. If you haven't had a dental implant before, you could be looking for a little bit of information about what to expect. [Read More]