3 Key At Home Teeth Whitening Remedies That You Should Try

Are you embarrassed to show off your smile because of coffee stains covering your teeth? If so, then you may have already been thinking about a teeth whitening solution, but are unable to afford the expensive cost of teeth whitening treatments. Store teeth whitening strips and solutions can be very expensive, especially if you want keep up with routine treatments. Well, rather than spend a great deal of money to improve your smile, you may want to consider home remedies such as: [Read More]

What Are Some Of The Complications That May Result From Dental Implants?

Today, the most popular system that is used for modern dental implants is the endosseous system. It has been used for the last thirty years to replace missing teeth via dental implants and it has been quite successful. Made of titanium, this metal bonds with the bone to create a solid union. The success rate for dental implants goes up to 98%. Once implanted successfully, the new fixture remains in place indefinitely. [Read More]

Teenagers: 3 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Looking Great

As a teenager, part of your confidence is tied in with how your teeth look. In order to keep your teeth looking great, these steps can be taken. Whiten Teeth with Orange Peels Sometimes you may forget to brush your teeth every day, and you may enjoy drinking lots of coffee. Both of these things can turn your teeth yellow, but you can reverse these effects by scrubbing your teeth with an orange peel. [Read More]

Eating After Dental Surgery Takes More Than Reading A List

After having dental surgery, your dental office's team may give you a list of dos and don'ts for eating and drinking after surgery. If you're planning on having dental operations done that may make your eating habits a bit different, consider a few lifestyle changes that can make the transition easier. Soft Foods Don't Have To Be Boring "Stick to soft foods, don't drink from straws!" the dentist may say, but actually dealing for days—even weeks—with a sensitive mouth is a bit harder than following directions on a list. [Read More]