Don't Believe Dental Implant Myths

There are so many myths out there about dental implants that when you are looking for information, it's important for you to make sure you aren't paying attention to the wrong things. Here are some of the myths you are going to want to be aware of when it comes to implants: 

Myth: Dental implants don't last you for very long

Some people are under the misconception that dental implants don't last all that long. Thinking this is true can cause a lot of people to decide not to get them because the process of getting dental implants would be a lot to go through for something that didn't last long. However, the truth is that dental implants are great because they are designed to last for many years. In fact, some people find their implants last them the rest of their lives. 

Myth: Dental implants are usually done in older people

Some people think that dental implants are generally reserved for people who are of a more mature age. However, once a person's jaw is fully developed, which is normally during early adulthood, then a person should be a good candidate for dental implants barring other issues that the dentist would consider when determining if implants are the right way to go. This means that people from early adulthood on up can be great candidates for getting them. 

Myth: Dental implants are very painful to get

When it comes down to it, dental implants aren't considered painful to get because you will be cared for during and after the procedure to make sure that this isn't the case. You will be numbed during the procedure and you will be helped through the healing process with a medication the dentist feels will be appropriate for your level of discomfort and other factors. So, you don't want to let a fear of pain prevent you from getting implants because this just isn't the case. 

Myth: Dental implants can be damaging to your gums and your jaw

Some people believe that dental implants can be damaging to your gums and your jaw. However, this is completely false. The truth is that dental implants will actually help to protect your mouth, from your jaw and gums to your teeth. When you have tooth loss, it puts your other teeth at risk and it can also cause problems to develop with your jaw and gums. When you replace missing teeth with dental implants, it will therefore help to preserve them and it can prevent other teeth problems from occurring in the future.

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