4 Things Parents Should Know About Invisalign For Teens

These days, Invisalign is becoming an increasingly common alternative to traditional metal braces. Using a series of clear, plastic aligners, Invisalign systems gradually straighten teeth without the need for wires and brackets. If your teen needs orthodontic treatment, there are many reasons to explore Invisalign as a viable option. Specifically, there are a few things you should know before your teen's first consultation with an orthodontist. It Can Help With Self-Confidence [Read More]

Tired Of Wasting Money On Drug Store Teeth Whitening Products? What To Do

If you have noticed that your teeth are getting discoloured and you can't get them to stay white, or to the right level of white, with the products you are using from the store, you want to get to your dentist. The products that you are using from the store could be damaging your teeth and causing a variety of problems. Here are some of the things that you want your dentist to try and do so you can get the sparkling white smile that you need: [Read More]

Three Ways To Improve Your Smile So You Can Boost Your Confidence Quickly

When your smile starts to become damaged, it can often cause you to lose your confidence. There is no need to go through life feeling bad about yourself though. There are things that you can do to restore your smile so that you can feel confident again. The following guide walks you through a few ways that you can restore your smile so that you can feel as good about yourself as you possibly can. [Read More]

Why Some People Are More Prone To Cavities

Some people, despite constantly visiting their dentist, brushing their teeth regularly, and taking care of their oral health religiously, are just more prone to cavities. Plaque, the sticky substance formed by millions of bacteria in the mouth builds up much faster in these people compared to others. Why? Here are some of the reasons why some people are more prone to cavities: Food choices The obvious reason is food choices. People whose diet is dominated by sugar tend to have more tooth cavities. [Read More]