4 Snacks That Benefit Your Teeth And Gums

Your diet determines a lot about your health and wellness. It can also greatly affect your oral health. You know that moderating your intake of sugary desserts helps to save your teeth from tooth decay, but you should also be aware of healthy foods that benefit your oral health as well. These foods are easy to integrate in your daily diet, readily accessible at grocery stores, and can be included in a variety of meals as well. [Read More]

What Are The Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants?

If you have a missing tooth, you might be considering replacing it with a dental implant. This is a great option, but you don't necessarily need a full dental implant. New dental technology has paved the way for mini dental implants, which have many of the same benefits, but are smaller and include an easier procedure. Here are some benefits of getting a mini dental implant as opposed to a full-sized one. [Read More]

3 Bite Issues Corrected With Dental Veneers

Bite issues occur when neighboring or opposing teeth aren't in the proper positions, which can cause pain or discomfort while chewing or holding your mouth closed. Major bite issues such as severe overbites and crowding need to be corrected using orthodontics and oral surgery. But minor bite issues can sometimes be treated with dental veneers, which are a cosmetic dentistry technique that uses artificial tooth fronts to reshape and cover existing teeth. [Read More]

Common Tooth Whitening Questions Answered

The quality of your smile is one of the most important qualities in determining your appearance, but there are many threats that can degrade your smile. From cavities to missing teeth, these issues can be remarkably embarrassing for the patient. A particularly common cosmetic concern that patients can experience is tooth discoloration. While your favorite foods and drinks may be staining your teeth, the following questions and answers will help you understand a couple of your options for addressing this problem: [Read More]