3 Bite Issues Corrected With Dental Veneers

Bite issues occur when neighboring or opposing teeth aren't in the proper positions, which can cause pain or discomfort while chewing or holding your mouth closed. Major bite issues such as severe overbites and crowding need to be corrected using orthodontics and oral surgery. But minor bite issues can sometimes be treated with dental veneers, which are a cosmetic dentistry technique that uses artificial tooth fronts to reshape and cover existing teeth.

Here are a few of the bite issues your dentist might be able to correct with veneers.

Wide-Spaced Teeth

Do you have neighboring teeth that have a gap between that is a bit too wide? Veneers can be used for filling in gaps too small to require orthodontics but large enough to cause a bite and cosmetic issue.

Your dentist will slightly shave down the existing teeth to make room for the veneers. Each veneer is then custom-crafted to create the look of appropriately spaced teeth. The veneers are affixed using a bonding cement. To fill in the gaps, the veneers will be made slightly larger than usual but not so large as to make the teeth look misshapen or oversized.

Mild Open Bite

An open bite occurs when the teeth in the front of the upper jaw are positioned too high in relation to the front teeth of the lower jaw. So when you close your mouth, a gap still exists from the upper and lower teeth.

Your dentist might be able to close a mild open bite using veneers. Using veneers on only the upper teeth could create the look of unusually long teeth. So your dentist might opt to put veneers on both the upper and lower teeth. This positioning allows the dentist to make each side of teeth slightly longer to meet in the middle without making any of the teeth look stretched.

Midline Misalignment

A midline misalignment happens when the front upper teeth shift to the side of the front lower teeth. This can create the look of a crooked smile. As mentioned earlier, severe cases would require orthodontics and possible oral surgery. But minor misalignments might be treatable using veneers.

Your dentist can shave off more of the tooth that's most out of line so that the veneer on that tooth is slightly smaller and thus shifted more back into the right direction. The other tooth will also receive the shaving and veneer technique to slightly shift the appearance of that tooth back towards center. Contact a local dentist, like Elgazzar Dentistry, with any questions.