Effective Remedies For Alleviating Temporary Toothaches

If you have oral pain, scheduling an appointment with a dentist is crucial. This will allow them to determine the actual cause of the aches, which may include fractures, gum infection, decay, or damaged fillings. However, if you cannot visit a dental expert immediately due to unavoidable circumstances, you should find a way to lessen the discomfort that comes with the pain. Below are the top remedies to consider as you wait for your appointment.

Prepare a Salt Water Solution

One natural and effective way to lessen tooth pain is using a salt solution to rinse the mouth. The warm solution will alleviate not only the pain but also clear infections. The water will minimize the swelling and promote healing if you have oral wounds. However, do not swallow the solution while rinsing the mouth.

Use Pain Medication

Painkillers are an effective way to handle pain and minimize inflammation. You can either purchase the medication OTC or use painkillers already prescribed by your dentist. Regardless of the intensity of the aches, you should take the drugs as instructed. Do not stop after you feel some relief either. You will need to take a full dose so the swelling and pain don't reoccur.

Use a Bag of Ice

Generally, you can stop tooth pain in two ways: by lessening inflammation and by interfering with the signals sent to your brain regarding the injuries. Placing a bag of ice on the affected area will minimize inflammation. Consider using a cloth as a cushion to avoid damaging the skin. The cold compress technique reduces discomfort by dampening the aches and minimizing the swelling.

Take Peppermint Tea

If you use teas to heal your body, you shouldn't hesitate to do the same for an aching tooth. Peppermint tea is known for its ability to soothe pain and numb the area. But the tea shouldn't be too hot since this can cause more pain. Warm peppermint tea will work magic on the irritated area and lessen the pain.

Go for Acupressure

This alternative medicine technique is used with reflexology or acupuncture and can effectively deal with your toothaches. Acupressure can lessen tooth pain by prompting the body to produce endorphins. It entails working on energy points linked with oral discomfort. But if you opt for this method, ensure to get the correct information from your dentist. 

While you can lessen oral pain with these methods, do not forget to visit the dentist for a thorough checkup. This way, your dental care services expert will determine the actual cause of pain and offer proper treatment.

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