Dental Bleaching While Pregnant | A Closer Look For Moms-To-Be

You may be feeling very pregnant and not so beautiful, but you still want a flashy white smile to show the world that you are happy about the baby in progress. If you are like a lot of people, the first thing you will think of to get that perfectly white smile is a quick trip to see a cosmetic dentist for a teeth bleaching session or a simple at-home treatment from the local drug store. However, just as it is with everything else, these elective treatments do have some special considerations when you are pregnant. Here are a few of the most common questions about teeth whitening while you are expecting a baby. 

Is it safe to have your teeth professionally whitened while you are pregnant?

The products used in professional dental whitening treatments do contain some chemicals, such as peroxide compounds, but there has been minimal research on if these treatments can be damaging to your unborn child. It is most likely a subjective decision that will be made according to your own wishes and the cosmetic dentist that you choose whether you can have professional whitening or not. To ensure the chemicals used in the process do not come in contact with your gums or the other soft tissues in your mouth, you will be wearing a close fitting dental guard during the procedure. 

Should you use at-home whitening kits when you are expecting?

​The at-home kits that you can obtain to whiten your teeth usually contain weaker amounts of the same stuff that most dentists use in their office. However, without knowing specifically where your product was purchased from or what it has in it, it may be best to avoid at-home dental whitening altogether while you are pregnant, unless you are guided by a dentist. 

Can you continue to use whitening toothpaste when you are pregnant?

Whitening toothpaste is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy, as it contains only fractional amounts of peroxide compounds. However, you should discuss any product you plan to use with both your dentist and your obstetrician just to be on the safe side. 

Just because you feel frumpy and misshapen due to pregnancy, it likely will not mean that you cannot dazzle everyone with a brilliantly white smile to show off your happiness. Talk to your preferred cosmetic dentist about the teeth whitening options you have while you are expecting. 

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