2 Tips For Preparing For Your Root Canal

Getting a root canal is a major procedure. Many people do not understand just how intense a root canal can be. Just like any other kind of surgery, you should make sure that you have all of the information that you need to be properly prepared. Here are a couple things you need to know before getting your root canal.

Make Sure You Have Taken The Antibiotic, If Necessary, For The Appropriate Amount Of Time

Many times you will know that you need a root canal because you have an infection, or an abscess, in your tooth. This is when you get a cavity that has become so deep that is reaches the root of the tooth and becomes infected with puss and fluid. Many people notice the problem because of the pain and this is why they go to the dentist or doctor.

Before the dentist starts the root canal, it is ideal if you can have the infection under control. Usually an antibiotic will take a couple days to clear the infection out of your system. Thus, you should ask the dentist how long you should take the antibiotic before coming back for your root canal. If you get the procedure done at the height of the infection you could create problems with swelling, and the infection spreading.

If the pain is too unbearable during the time that you need to wait for the infection to clear, ask your dentist for a strong pain medication.

Eat Well Before The Procedure

Some procedures will ask that you come in fasting. Unless you are going under full anesthesia, which isn't common, you should be able to eat before the root canal. This is highly advised, seeing that after the procedure you still might be in a good deal of pain. The swelling and the tenderness in the area might make it hard for you to eat for a couple hours afterwards.

For this reason, many dentists recommend eating and then taking some sort of non-steroidal pain medication, like ibuprofen. This will help the swelling and is safe to take, even if you are planning on getting local anesthesia to the mouth. However, it should be mentioned that you should ask your dentist if it is safe to take prescription pain medication before the procedure. There is a good chance that that medication will react with the anesthesia, so make sure you talk to your dentist about all the medications you are taking. 

By doing these things you can prepare for your root canal