Sensitive Teeth After Tooth Whitening? You May Need Dental Help

Whitening your teeth at home these days is a simple enough process that many people follow in order to give themselves a nicer looking smile. However, tooth whitening products should never leave your teeth in pain or feeling extremely sensitive. If you're having pain or sensitivity after whitening your teeth, you may need help from a dentist. Here's why. What Dental Whitening Kits Do Dental whitening kits that are used at home typically contain chemicals like peroxide. [Read More]

3 Surprising Signs Of A Pediatric Dental Abscess

If your child has ever had a dental abscess, or severe tooth infection, then they are probably familiar with its most common symptom, which is a severe toothache. While pain in the affected tooth is the most common sign of a pediatric dental abscess, there are other, less common signs. Here are three signs of a pediatric dental abscess that may surprise you and what you can do about them. [Read More]

Things To Know About Getting A Dental Crown

It may be necessary to see you dentist about replacing a tooth or having one restored. This could be due to it wearing out over time or having significant decay that can prevent the tooth from being filled. Getting a dental crown is your best option in a situation of this type, and being aware of some things about the process beforehand is ideal. The consultation The first thing you'll want to do is have a comprehensive consultation with your dental provider. [Read More]

The Effects Poor Dental Health Has On The Body

Your dental health has more to do with your body than just with your teeth and gums. Poor dental health can have negative health benefits on your entire body. If you aren't brushing properly, flossing or visiting your dentist for regular checkups, you could be causing other issues within your body that you may not even be aware of. Read on for some of the negative effects poor dental health has on the body. [Read More]