Keeping Your Teeth Their Cleanest

Dentists often recommend that you brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day and floss with string floss at least once daily. Still, there are additional ways to help ensure that your teeth remain their cleanest. Here are a few of them: Use an Oral Irrigator If you hate using traditional dental floss, an oral irrigator may be a great option for you. An oral irrigator is a dental cleaning device that releases a concentrated stream of water to clear debris from the inter-dental spaces and the areas along the gum line. [Read More]

Do You Need Dentures In Your 30S? 3 Tips To Make An Easy Transition

Tooth loss can happen at any age, and you are not alone in your need to have dentures during your 30s. However, you may not have many other people that you know who have gone through the process, which makes it hard to find a support network to get you through the transition. Now that you've made the best choice for your oral health, you can use these three tips to work with your dentist to be sure that you are comfortable with your new set of teeth. [Read More]

Things Pediatric Dentists Look For And Monitor

Pediatric dentists offer services for kids of all ages, and they are excellent at working with kids. Kids are their specialty, and a good pediatric dentist will do more than just make sure your child's problems are addressed. In fact, here are four things that a pediatric dentist will look for and monitor. Oral health and preventative care The top concern a pediatric dentist has is for the oral health of your child. [Read More]

Three Things to Evaluate During Your Initial Consultation with a New Dentist

When you make an appointment to see a new dentist, he or she may ask you to attend an initial consultation rather than go for a cleaning right away. If your dentist has structured his or her treatment of patients this way, you'll likely visit the clinic to have x-rays taken and for the dentist to conduct an initial assessment of your mouth. Even though you won't be getting any work done at this appointment, you'll have a good opportunity to assess the dentist and his or her staff. [Read More]