Cavity Fillings: How To Successfully Handle Them

A tooth cavity is a tiny crevice or opening that often forms because of bacteria. If you have one, it's important to have it filled immediately so that no further damage occurs. Cavity fillings can go smoothly if you approach them in the following ways.

Don't Wait

The number one thing to remember about a cavity filling performed by a dentist is to not delay this dental service. If you do, several problems could surface. Your pain may get worse and bacteria could spread further, causing more severe dental issues. 

Whereas if you remain proactive with cavity fillings, you can cease tooth pain and keep the affected tooth. Just schedule an appointment with a dentist and let them treat the cavity quickly so that you can move on with your life and feel great about the condition of your teeth.

Choose a Flavored Numbing Gel

An important part of a cavity filling is removing the decayed portion. This is achieved by a drill. To keep it from causing you pain, your dentist will give you a numbing gel. There should be a couple of flavors for you to choose from.

Think about what will taste best so that you can have a pleasurable cavity-filling experience on every front. Maybe you prefer the taste of mint or something fruity would be more appropriate. Just have your dentist explain all their flavor options and then decide accordingly. 

Try Your Best to Relax

If you want to get in and out of your dentist's office with a perfectly stable filling that holds up, then make sure you try to relax throughout this procedure. The dentist will appreciate this because it helps them treat the target tooth without any inconvenient obstacles. 

They can perform drilling in a refined manner to remove tooth decay and also place the filling correctly the first time, saving you from having to come back for adjustments. You just need to breathe deeply and try to take your mind somewhere positive. A lot of dentists fortunately have TVs set up in their offices, so you have a welcomed distraction to control your nerves.

Cavities require fillings in order to stop the pain and keep further damage from happening. If you have to get one, make sure you prepare well before your visit with a dentist. Then this procedure won't be scary and it will ultimately give you a structurally sound tooth again. 

If you have questions, call a local clinic, such as the Dental Clinic of Onalaska