Think About Using Invisible Braces

If you are an adult and need braces, you probably don't want to show everyone that you have braces. You might feel a little embarrassed about being an adult and having braces. Luckily, there are other options available to you. One of them is to use invisible braces. Invisible braces will let you get the straight teeth you want without advertising what you are doing. You might not be familiar with the way that invisible braces work. 

Aligner Trays

Invisible braces aren't actually braces in a traditional sense. Instead, they are aligner trays that slide over your teeth. The trays gently move your teeth into place, leaving them nice and straight. Each tray has been molded to have a place for each tooth to be. That little space will cause your tooth to move to a new position. 

New Trays

You don't get to stay with the same tray for the whole process. You will get a new tray every so often. The schedule as to when you get those new trays will depend on the plan your dentist has for your teeth. The reason is that you can't make the full change to your teeth all at once. You have to do it a little at a time. So, when your teeth are all in the correct place for the current tray, it will be time to get a new tray and start the process. How many trays you have to have and how long you have to wear the entire system depends on how crooked your teeth are, how much movement you need to have, and if there are any other problems. You and your dentist will discuss how long you need to wear the invisible braces to get the results that you are looking for. 


There are several benefits to wearing invisible braces, other than people not knowing that you are using braces. One is that you can take the trays out when you are eating, so you don't have to miss out on your favorite foods. On top of that, taking them out will let you be able to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly, which will keep them healthy while you are wearing the aligner trays. 

If you are an adult and want to have straighter teeth, you should talk to your dentist about trying invisible braces. You can get the straight teeth you want without everyone knowing that you are wearing braces. You will slowly get the smile that you are looking for, and everyone else will just be surprised. 

For more information on invisible braces like Invisalign, contact a professional near you.