4 Things To Expect From A Family Dental Practice

Your teeth are irreplaceable. Prevent tooth decay and toothaches by seeing your dentist on a regular schedule. A family dental practice can serve the needs of your entire household. Family dentists and their staff are well-versed in caring for people in different stages of life. Here are a few things you can expect at a family dental practice:

1. Patient, Compassionate Care For Children And Elders

Every member of your family needs dental care tailored to their needs. Kids and elderly adults may require additional patience due to physical and mental limitations. A family dentist has the tools and skills needed to care for people of every age. The dentist and dental hygienists can explain the dental care process every step of the way, which can alleviate feelings of fear and anxiety

2. Preventative Care

Most of the dental care you and your family receives is generally preventative care. This type of care is preemptive. It focuses on preventing dental problems, such as cavities and infections. Annual X-rays and biannual cleanings can keep your teeth healthy so you can avoid expensive and painful treatments. Your family dentist can send you reminders every few months, which will allow you to stay on schedule with your checkups. If you prefer, you can also schedule your dental appointments in advance.

3. Periodontal Care

Dentists primarily take care of patients' teeth, but they offer periodontal care as well. Your gums are important. They keep bacteria from reaching the roots of your teeth. If you don't care for your teeth properly, your gums can become infected. Gum erosion can occur due to infection or improper toothbrushing. Your dentist will provide periodontal care by measuring the depth of your gums at regular intervals. Shallow gums indicate that you should take steps to care for your gum health, such as flossing or using mouthwash regularly. Family dentists can help people who suffer from periodontal disease by cleaning the area underneath the gums in a procedure called root planing.

4. Anxiety Management

Family dentists treat patients with a range of feelings about dental care. Some patients feel at ease in the dentist's office, but others experience fear of dental procedures. Family dentists can offer anxiety management during dental procedures. Anxiety medication can be provided before or during your appointment. This temporary measure will help you stay calm so you can have a more pleasant dental appointment.

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