Getting Dentures That Fit Properly

People with dentures commonly complain about rocking plates, poor fit, sore spots, and other problems, but that does not need to be the case. If your dentures are made properly, they can fit your mouth and not require adhesives to stay put. There are many options for denture wearers today, and if yours are not fitting correctly, talk to the dentist about what you can do differently. 

Implanted Dentures

One method for denture retention that is becoming more widely used is a combination of implants and dentures. When an implant is put it, a stud or post is placed in the jaw bone to hold the tooth. But in the case of dentures, that stud is now the attachment point for the denture. Often there are four studs placed, and the denture will snap in place on the studs when it is worn. This creates a solid feel to the denture but allows the wearer to remove the denture and clean it as necessary. The cost is higher, and the insurance company may not want to pay for the implants. But if you have a problem with your dentures coming loose, the option is there.

Soft Dentures

Similar to hard dentures, soft dentures are different in that they use a soft resin to create them. The resin has some flex to it so the denture can be crafted to fit around the jaw better and grip the undercut below the teeth to hold better. The result is a denture that does not require you to use adhesives to hold the denture in place and eliminates the need for clips on the denture itself. A soft denture may have a shorter lifespan than that of a hard denture, but the difference in comfort may be worth the sacrifice.


A traditional denture does not have to fit poorly. The problem is that most people don't know how they should feel or fit, and they don't follow up with enough fitting and adjustment appointments to the dentist to get them right. If the dentist has made good tooth impressions and takes the time to work with the patient, a traditional denture can fit comfortably and will stay in place without adhesive. If yours do not, talk to the dentist about more adjustments or adding a liner to fill gaps in the dentures and tighten them up.

There is no reason to live with an ill-fitting denture. Plus, your health can improve as your diet expands just because your dentures stay in place, allowing you to eat more foods. Take the time to get it right, and you be much happier with your dentures.