Diet Soda Damage Your Teeth During A Diet? Consider A Root Canal

Switching to diet sodas helped to cut a lot of calories out of your diet and has dropped some weight off your belt line. However, you have found that all that extra diet soda – which you drink more of than normal soda – has caused dental decay. Thankfully, a root canal – and a decreased soda intake – can save that tooth.

Diet Sodas May Cause Tooth Decay

While diet sodas are often advertised as a healthier alternative to normal sodas, they can do just as much damage to certain areas of the body. While they might not have the same kind of sugar or calories that you get in normal soda, diet drinks still contain a lot of acid. This acid is particularly problematic if you drink a lot of diet drinks and end up soaking your teeth in this acidic mixture.

So while you might end up losing a little weight if you switch to diet sodas – particularly if you cut back on how many you have in a day – there's a good chance that you might cause serious damage to your teeth. And if one or more of your teeth is threatening to fall out, you may have to consider the benefits of a high-quality root canal instead of getting a procedure like a dental implant.

How a Root Canal Can Help

If diet soda caused one more of your teeth to become seriously damaged, a root canal can help to keep it strong. This process is one of the oldest tooth replacement and strengthening methods on the market, which means that dentists have perfected it. In this way, you can get a high-quality root canal quite easily, one that will keep your teeth strong without taking a lot of time to finish.

For example, root canals will help to keep the damaged tooth strong by removing the damaged areas and ensuring that it is supported more effectively. This step is particularly important if you would rather not pay the amount of money you have to pay to get a dental implant. While root canals aren't inexpensive, they are usually easier to get covered by insurance than dental implants – and less painful.

So if you find that you're struggling to manage your oral health due to diet sodas, you should consider getting a root canal surgery as soon as possible. This step is by no way extreme because it can ensure that your tooth is strong and protect it from decay and other issues later on down the road.