Have An Overbite? Know About The Causes And Correction Process

Everyone wants a smile that looks perfect, but there can be many problems that cause it to not look so great. One problem you may be suffering from is an overbite, which also causes problems with talking and eating. It helps to know what causes an overbite and what the potential corrections are.

Causes of Overbites

An overbite can be best described as when your upper teeth overlap your front teeth when your mouth is closed. You may have a slight overbite that still allows you to have a natural bite, or a major overbite where your teeth are not properly aligned. 

A common reason for overbites is because of genetics. If you have parents or sibling with overbites, it is possible that you can have one as well. Sometimes an overbite is unexplained, since you develop the overbite over time. Your lower jaw may be developing differently than your upper jaw, which causes the upper jaw to stick out more than the lower jaw. 

Some people develop an overbite due to bad habits. A child that sucks on their thumb or uses a pacifier may be more likely to develop an overbite at a young age. The longer the behavior continues, the bigger the problems with an overbite. 

Corrections for Overbite

Most people have overbites that are not serious and in need of correction. However, the overbite may be so severe that you require a corrective procedure. This will be when the overbite is causing you to have trouble speaking or pain when chewing. This is due to stress being put on your teeth due to misalignment, which can even lead to decay, enamel erosion, and other dental problems.

Your dentist can help correct an overbite by using braces, which will shift the teeth into a position that makes your teeth feel more comfortable. Surgery may be necessary to move your bottom jaw if it is underdeveloped. While it is an invasive dental procedure, it can help fix the symptoms of an overbite that you have to deal with on a daily basis.

You don't have to continue living with a dental overbite that is causing major problems in your life. Contact local dental services for a consultation. They'll look at the overbite, recommend a course of action to fix it, and get you started with the right corrective procedure. You would end up with an improved smile that you never thought was possible before the procedure.