How To Handle The Following Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them. That's why it's a good idea to know what to do when you run into any of the following problems.

Loose Teeth

While you may be tempted to see how much damage was caused to a tooth that feels loose, the best thing that you can do is prevent the tooth from loosening further. Avoid wiggling the tooth with your fingers, trying to move it with the tip of your tongue, or testing the tooth to see if it is getting worse. You should also avoid eating foods on the side of your mouth with the loose tooth until you visit a dentist. If you are experiencing any swelling or pain, you can use an ice pack on the affected tooth. Just make sure not to put too much pressure on the area that it is pressing on the tooth. You don't want to damage your tooth accidentally. 

Knocked-Out Teeth

Acting quickly is the best course of action for a tooth that has been completely knocked out of your gums. Start by being careful about how you touch the tooth. You do not want to touch the root of the tooth. Try your best to only touch the crown of the tooth, which is the part that is normally exposed when the tooth is in your gums. 

You can store the tooth in a few ways to better preserve it on the way to the dentist. A cup of milk is going to be the easiest if you have access to it since it will prevent the tooth from becoming too dry. If you don't have milk, you can fill up a cup with your own saliva to achieve the same effect. In a situation where you don't have access to either method, you can gently rinse off the tooth with clean water and place it back in your mouth. Holding the tooth in your mouth next to your cheek will ensure that it stays safe until you can see your dentist.

Loose Crowns

Has a dental crown fallen off your tooth? You can temporarily put the crown back on the tooth by using dental cement that is sold at pharmacies. This should help protect the tooth and keep the crown in place prior to the appointment with your dentist. Just be careful when brushing around the tooth, since it's very possible for food to get stuck under the crown in its temporary state.

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