Tips For A Comfortable And Successful Recovery From Endodontic Surgery

If you are scheduled to have endodontic oral surgery for a severely infected or decayed tooth, then you are likely worried about post-procedure pain and discomfort. While you may feel some discomfort and pain after your surgery, you will be able to easily manage it at home by following these tips:

Tips: Use Ice Packs to Contain Swelling and Pain

While you cannot use ice inside of your mouth to control pain and swelling, you can apply ice packs to your cheeks and jaw line to keep down post-surgical swelling and acute pain.

Tip: Take Your Pain Medication Regularly as Prescribed

It is vital that you take your pain medication as it was prescribed and that you take it at regular intervals. For example, if your endodontist's instructions are to take a pill every four hours, then you should do just that. If you wait too long or until you have pain, then the medication will not be as effective and you will suffer needlessly.

Tip: Drink Plenty of Fluids But Be Careful with Chewing Foods

For your gums to properly heal your body needs to stay hydrated. To keep your body hydrated, you should start drinking water and other fluids soon after your procedure. However, since your mouth may be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, you should start with liquids that are room temperature. 

As you become hungry, you should avoid chewing on any foods while your tongue and mouth are still numb from the anesthesia. Once the feeling has been restored, then you should start by eating soft foods and then move on to others as your pain and discomfort level allows. 

Tip: Control Post-Procedure Bleeding with Gauze and Tea Bags

While it is normal for you to have some post-surgical bleeding at the site of your endodontic surgery, you should be able to control it by biting down on a piece of the gauze your dental surgeon gave you. Sitting upright, bite down on the gauze with a constant pressure for a few minutes and the bleeding should stop.

Finally, if the bleeding is persistent, then you can brew a cup of tea and then replace the gauze pad with the spent tea bag. Bite down on the tea bag and the tannin compounds in the tea will help to stop the bleeding. As an added bonus, the tea will also help with any pain you may be experiencing.