Common Questions About Teeth Care Many People Have

There is a lot more to know about your teeth than the fact that brushing and flossing is important. If you have never spent much time researching proper tooth care and teeth protection then you may now be finding that you have a lot of questions. Here are some of the questions that a lot of people tend to have, as well as their answers:

Why do some people have naturally darker teeth than others?

It may seem like everyone should be able to get white teeth with all the different whitening products on the market. However, the fact is some people are born with different amounts of enamel on their teeth. Thinner enamel lets the darker insides of the teeth show through, leaving the teeth looking darker and even discolored. The people with thinner enamel can't get whiter teeth by using whitening products. However, they can have porcelain veneers put over their natural teeth to achieve a nice and white looking smile.

Why do people who take good care of their teeth still get cavities?

Even people who take exceptional care of their teeth can get cavities. There are many reasons for this. Genetics can play a role in a person's chances of getting cavities. Also, thinner enamel will leave someone at an increased risk for cavities. An injured tooth can also leave a tooth more susceptible to getting a cavity.

Are braces the only option for crooked teeth?

It used to be assumed that a person with crooked teeth would have to wear braces in order to get a straighter smile. This is no longer the case. A lot of advancements have been made in the field of dentistry. Some of the other ways people can have their teeth straightened these days include clear aligners, different types of braces and even porcelain veneers.

How important are routine dental visits?

Routine dental visits are extremely important to the overall health of your teeth. Even if you don't suspect that you are having dental issues, the dentist may end up finding something in its beginning stages that would have become worse in time and required more invasive treatments. They may also be able to see signs of things like thinning enamel or soft spots in your teeth that signify you need to increase your calcium intake or possibly even take fluoride supplements. You can also have a professional cleaning done during these visits, or set it up so you can take advantage of teeth whitening as well.

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