Finding The Clear Truth About Invisible Braces By Squashing Common Myths

Whether you didn't get the chance to get braces when you were a teenager or you are just not currently happy with your permanent smile, invisible braces make it much easier to get a nice smile without letting the whole world know you have a mouth full of metal. However, if you are like a lot of adults who would like to have invisible braces, you are already coming up with excuses why this just would not work out for you. Go ahead and push those 'buts' aside and take a look at the most common myths about invisible braces to better determine if this could be the right choice for you. 

Myth: Invisible braces will make you talk with a lisp. 

Fact: When you initially put on a liner for the first time, it will take a few minutes for your mouth to grow adjusted to the feeling, and, therefore, you may talk with a small lisp during that adjustment. However, the liners are so thin and comfortable, it does not take long before it just feels like a normal part of your mouth. If a major speech interruption is present for more than just this short adjustment period, your liner may need to be re-adjusted to better fit your teeth 

Myth: Invisible braces get stained and make your teeth look dirty. 

Fact: Because you will be changing the invisible liners several times over the course of your treatment, they will normally not become stained and make your teeth look dirty as long as you follow the proper care procedures. Clean your liners when you brush your teeth and make sure you take them out when you are drinking beverages that could cause staining. If the liners do become discolored, soaking them in a denture whitening solution can help break up stains so they can be easily removed. 

Myth: Invisible braces are just a lot of extra effort on a daily basis. 

Fact: So, the deal with invisible braces is this: Yes, they can be more time consuming than traditional braces that just stay in your mouth, but not overly so. You will need to remove the liners when you eat or drink certain things like coffee tea, but with practice this just becomes second nature. Your invisible races will not require any more dental visits than traditional braces either, which is another reason some people believe invisible braces are a hassle.  

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