What Are Some Of The Complications That May Result From Dental Implants?

Today, the most popular system that is used for modern dental implants is the endosseous system. It has been used for the last thirty years to replace missing teeth via dental implants and it has been quite successful. Made of titanium, this metal bonds with the bone to create a solid union. The success rate for dental implants goes up to 98%. Once implanted successfully, the new fixture remains in place indefinitely.

While rare, complications can occur. If the bone between the jaw bone and the implant breaks, the implant itself can break which then requires removal of it. If this happens, it might be possible to replace the implant at the time of a bone graft or immediately after the bone graft. There are two key reasons why these complications might occur:

1. There may be an infection on the surface of the implant which causes the bond to disintegrate. If this happens the implant will need to be removed. To avoid infection during the implantation, sterile techniques are recommended and antibiotics should be prescribed to patients immediately following the procedure.

The oral bacteria which is responsible for periodontal disease can also cause an infection in the implant. When it occurs around a dental implant, it is called peri-implantitis. This can be prevented with regular oral hygiene and periodic professional cleanings.

2. Excessive loading can break the bond as well. This takes place if the implants are not placed in the correct direction or if they are too strong. If the bite is improperly designed this too can cause excessive loading and break the bond with the bone.

There are a few risk factors which can increase the risk of complications. Smoking is one example and it halves the success rate for dental implants. Patients with diminished healing ability, such as patients with uncontrolled diabetes, can also have an increased risk.

In order to reduce any potential problems, a thorough medical exam is required before the procedure takes place.

You should take it upon yourself to ensure that the dentist you hire, such as Edwards; Kenneth G, has a wealth of experience with the procedure and will restore the dental crown during the process. The success of this procedure is contingent upon the expertise of the team you hire and your ability to control plaque. With a proper design for the implant coupled with proper follow up maintenance, you can enjoy a new implant for the rest of your life.