Teenagers: 3 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Looking Great

As a teenager, part of your confidence is tied in with how your teeth look. In order to keep your teeth looking great, these steps can be taken.

Whiten Teeth with Orange Peels

Sometimes you may forget to brush your teeth every day, and you may enjoy drinking lots of coffee. Both of these things can turn your teeth yellow, but you can reverse these effects by scrubbing your teeth with an orange peel.

Orange peels are naturally acidic, and it's the acidic properties that will eat away at the yellow stains on your teeth. After cutting an orange peel, scrub the white portion on your teeth for several minutes. Then, rinse your teeth out with water. This step is important because it prevents the acidic properties from breaking down your tooth enamel. Repeat these scrubbing steps each day until you see desired whitening results.

Eat the Right Foods

One of the easiest ways to keep your teeth looking great is to eat the right foods. Strawberries are extremely great for the appearance of your teeth because they have malic acid. This acid will help eat away at the stains on your teeth. Cheese is also beneficial because it increases the production of saliva in your mouth. This saliva helps clean plaque on your teeth.

Eating leafy spinach is also beneficial because it will help clean your teeth. Raisins, containing phytochemicals, are also great because they will kill cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. And, since raisins are naturally sweet, you don't have to worry about sucrose (table sugar) causing cavities.

Get Help from a Family Dentist

Sometimes your teeth problems may be so severe that there is no home remedy for them. For these instances, you can seek help from a family dentist like Chris T. Thomas, DDS. These dental practices offer a warm, welcoming environment, so you don't have to stress as much about getting a procedure done.

If you have missing teeth in your mouth, the family dentist can fix your looks with dental implants. These implants feel and look like real teeth, so your implant will have an authentic look. Or, you may have a chipped tooth. A family dentist can mold a resin material around this tooth, and harden it with a UV light. Both of these procedures will help you smile with confidence again.

So if you're a teenager and are concerned with how your teeth look, these steps can be taken. They will help you have teeth that are healthy and look great.